TSE helped open up the new AA Minor League Baseball Franchise, Pensacola Blue Wahoos and Pensacola Bayfront Stadium

Pensacola Blue Wahoos: TSE Case Study 2012
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Pensacola Blue Wahoos Case Study 2012
Pensacola Blue Wahoos - TSE Client
Pensacola, FL had seen a long history of baseball in the area dating back to the 1800's. Throughout the years, many teams have called the westernmost city on the Florida Panhandle home. The most recent were the independent Pensacola Pelicans who called Pelican Park, an aging 30 year old facility, home until 2010. 

When the new MiLB franchise, Pensacola Blue Wahoos, reached out to TSE® to oversee the Audio and Video integration for the new Pensacola Bayfront Stadium, there were many challenges that would have to be met. TSE® would be responsible for not just front end equipment installed, but also the audio system, cash register system, all of the IT, security cameras, digital signage and coordination of all the subcontractors.  

The stadium was originally designed for a small independent team, but would have to be redesigned into a AA Minor League Baseball facility that has more requirements along with a serious upgrade in technology. The job would have to be done in a fraction of the time originally planed by circumnavigating construction delays to smoother everything in place well in time for the opening. 

TSE® would also be responsible for recruitment, staffing and training of the Wahoos staff and promotion crew.  

Pensacola Blue Wahoos - Digital Signage
TSE® worked with architects and subcontractors to design and install over 30 miles of cable throughout the entire stadium running to the digital signage, speakers and production room for the new facility. Over 15 digital signage monitors displaying concession menus and sponsor advertisements were installed and housed in enclosures to protect from theft and environmental conditions.  

To plan for opening day, TSE® was tasked to hire and train the Wahoos promotional team. To ensure the team was full of qualified and energetic candidates, TSE® and the Wahoos hosted Pensacola's Got Talent. Casting calls and call backs were held to fill a team that included a juggler and acrobat, both huge hits with Wahoo fans. 

Throughout the weeks leading up to opening day, TSE® trained the staff to ensure a smooth transition into Minor League Baseball operations. They were trained on how to market and sell the new Wahoos product. A promotional calendar was also designed by TSE® to maximize potential of a huge opening season. 

Management solutions were also incorporated with TSE GameTime® ScriptPRO and SponsorPRO. Both proved to streamline the process from lead generating of sponsorship activation to the execution of the inventory sold. In the case of the Pensacola Blue Wahoos, and Pensacola Bayfront Stadium, TSE® was responsible for everything and anything so that by opening day, nothing fell through the cracks.  
Pensacola Blue Wahoos - TSE Client
From the moment the Navy Blue Angles flew over a packed crowd at Pensacola Bayfront Stadium opening night, it was clear there was something special about the ballpark and organization. The Wahoos sold out 37 games in 2012 to gain an overall attendance of 303,744, averaging 4,821 fans per game. 

With the help of TSE®, the Blue Wahoos executives were able to relax and focus on their tasks. The burden of the oversight was taken off the team and contractors, which proved to be a huge benefit as TSE was able to eliminate overlap in design, which saved the team well over $100,000. 

The visual beauty, design and fan amenities led to the stadium being awarded Baseballparks.com 2012 Ballpark of the Year. The Wahoos as an organization also received the 2012 Ballpark Digest Organization of the Year award proving to provide the ultimate fan experience.  

Pensacola Blue Wahoos - TSE Client
TSE® Equipment Service Highlights:
  • Samsung Pro 40 Monitors
  • Digital Media Players
  • Weatherproof LCD Enclosures
  • Canon XL2 3CCD 16x9 Cameras with 20x lens
  • RF Central NLL-II Wireless Package
  • Sony Remote PTZ Camera
  • Live Video Switcher, 8-Channel Analog SD
  • Sport 80 Replay System
  • Clear-Com Intercom System
  • JBL Speaker Cabinets, Amp Racks and 
  • Amplifiers
  • Sound Director Media Player
  • Sennheiser Pro 3G Series Wireless Mic Set
  • Adobe CS5.5 Production Premium Suite
TSE® Consulting Services Provided:
  • Project Management of all Audio, Video and Tech
  • TSE GameTime® ScriptPRO System and Training
  • TSE GameTime® SponsorPRO System and Training
  • Promotional Schedule Development
  • Crew / Street Team Training
  • Think Tanks
  • Show Preparation and Evaluation
  • Casting Calls and Call Backs

Pensacola Blue Wahoos Implementing ScriptPRO
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