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TSE® provides key seminars and training of your staff to get the most out of each event. From the moment your fan's enter your facility they are in an environment surrounded by interactions with your staff. 

  • At the end of the game, what will be their lasting impression? 
  • Does your staff realize that your facility is more about the entertainment than the sport?  
  • What keeps fans coming back? 
  • Are you ready to get creative and come up with a promotional schedule that is filled with new ideas? 

All of these are answered when our consultants, with over 100 years of combined sports entertainment success, give your staff the TSE® experience!
  • Change the Mindset: It's an Entertainment Facility
  • Employee Recruitment
  • Customer Service Toward the Ultimate Fan Experience
  • Video Content That Entertains
  • Promotion Schedule Planning
  • Booking Group Sales That Entertain
  • And more - TSE® can tailor to your needs!
Kalamazoo Wings
"TSE's seminar was the best ever! Thank you for doing an absolutely fantastic seminar and thanks for helping this organization get better"
-Jim Burlew
General Manager

TSE Pricing Info
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