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The TSE® Services Show Audit consists of a neutral, 3rd party (TSE® Consultant) customer service experience evaluation that provides actionable intelligence to assist your organization in enhancing operations and increasing your bottom line. TSE® inspects your employees’ daily interactions while challenging their knowledge of your operation, facilities and events. 

One of TSE's® consultants attends your game going through the same experiences as your fans. He/she interacts with your parking attendants, ticket sellers and takers, ushers and concession employees to analyze their knowledge of your ballpark, that night's events and your upcoming promotions. Customer service is evaluated and rated along with the interaction with your fans. Audits of the in-game promotions, contests, mascots, announcements and sponsorship opportunities are also performed.  

TSE's® consultant then meets with your team's Owner, General Manager, Executive Producer and/or any other pertinent people to discuss the Show Audit. Together, we set an immediate plan to proactively manage the fan experience and enhance your franchise's operation and bottom line.

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