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TSE GameTime ScriptPRO Tips and Discussion
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TSE GameTime ScriptPRO Tips and Discussion

GameTime Tip: Auto Reports

by Jeanette Ehnerd on 03/11/14

Save even more time in your game day preparation with setting up Auto Reports. Auto reports send out  specific document templates based on the date of the game. The Auto Reports are sent to "select" staff members at midnight local time, 24 and 48 hours before a game day. To set up an auto report:

  1. Go into the Settings area and click on "My Crew"
  2. Click the permissions button on the right-hand side of the screen for whomever you wish to send the Auto Report to
  3. Under the "Reports" drop down arrow, check "Receive Auto Reports" and save it
    Note: clicking "Check All" in the Permissions will not automatically check the "Receive Auto Reports"
  4. Then, in your Documents area, for each document you want sent as an Auto Report, click "Details" (just to the right of the green "Save Settings" button in the upper left-hand corner of the screen) and make sure the "Auto Save" is checked

Once you have saved the details and the document, your script is set up to be automatically sent out. 

GameTime Tip: Ways to Use a Checkbox Field

by Jeanette Ehnerd on 02/26/14

The check box field type is great for filtering elements in and out of customized documents.  They should be used when you are deciding the specific elements that a staff member needs to see.  For example, if the document template is for a camera operator, they may not need to see elements that do not require a camera.  In that case, you can create a check box field labeled “Camera Required,” then for all elements that require a camera, make sure that box is checked.  When you are running that document, follow the instructions below so the camera operator only sees the elements important to them.  Other great applications of the check box field include:

  • On-field mic needed
  • Wireless Camera needed
  • View on Production Script
  • View on PA Script 
  • View on Promo Team Script
  • View on Contestant Sign Up Sheet

To create a filtered document based on a check box field go into your documents area and open the template you wish to use:

  1. Select the event in the "Production Schedule" dropdown
  2. Click "Show More" under the Search Criteria tab 
  3. Find the name of the check box you are basing your document on
  4. Click the drop down and chose "Checked"

Once all components are set and ready to go, click run and your personalized script is ready for printing!

GameTime Tip: The Backspace in Web Browser

by Jeanette Ehnerd on 02/26/14

Although the backspace key is used to delete unwanted text, it also functions as a shortcut key in browsers for the “Back” button. If you need to use the backspace button in ScriptPRO, make sure your cursor is active in a field. Pressing the backspace button when nothing on the page is selected will navigate you back to the previous page.

GameTime Tip: Emergency Announcements

by Jeanette Ehnerd on 02/26/14

Create emergency announcements in the Well of Elements.  Emergency elements are set up as Well Elements with specific timing settings so they are easily accessible during events. 


Tips for Creating Emergency Announcements:

  1. Create an “Emergency” Element Type in your Element Editor Settings
  2. Create an Element in the Well of Elements with Type “Emergency”
  3. In the Timing Tab of the Element
    • Select every single game
    • On Game Day this happens “As Happens”
    • Specifically “As Happens”
  4. Save to your Well of Elements
  5. All Production Schedules created after the Emergency Elements are created in the Well of Elements will contain the Emergency Elements in each Bucket of Elements
  6. Using GO LIVE, simply filter and find and then drag and drop the announcement into your script as necessary

Examples of Emergency Situations Include:

  • Lost Child
  • Evacuation Announcements
  • Severe Weather Announcements
  • Illegal Parked Vehicles
  • Car with lights on 

GameTime Tip: NEW Thumbnail Feature

by Jeanette Ehnerd on 02/26/14

Our newest enhancement to TSE GameTime ScriptPRO is the addition of a Thumbnail field. This feature allows for customized thumbnails in a script or proof of performance report that are viewable in both GO LIVE and Documents.


Examples of thumbnails include:

  • Preview of Video Board
  • A prop to be used
  • Prize for a contest
  • Picture of sponsored event for a proof of performance report

To add a thumbnail field type:  Watch the Element Editor Settings Tutorial


Notes on thumbnails:

  1. All images are scaled to a maximum resolution of 160x160
  2. It is recommended that you resize your images prior to uploading as thumbnails
  3. For video board preview thumbnails, take screen shots of the videos, adjust, and save

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