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​               -ScriptPRO
                     +01: Building a(n) Game/Event Element
                     +02: Building a Production Schedule
                     +03: GO LIVE (Perspectives 1-4)
                     +04: GO LIVE (Producers View)
                     +05: Printing Your Script
                     +06: Creating a Proof of Performance Report
                     +07: Shared Elements
                     +Settings: Element Editor
                     +Settings: Production Schedule
                     +Settings: My Crew
                     +Settings: Timing Templates
                     +Add-on: Production Task List
                     +Add-on: Mobile Platform
                     +Add-on: GT Bottomline
                     +Advanced: In-depth Timing of Elements
                     +Advanced: In-depth Timing of Production Schedules
                     +Advanced: Elements from SponsorPRO
                     +Advanced: Thumbnail Field
        +01: Adding a Company/Contact
        +02: Company View
        +03: Creating a Sponsor Element
        +04: Tasks
        +05: Building a Proposal
        +06: Creating Contracts
        +07: Contract Fulfillment
        +08: Proof of Performance Reports
        +09: Sales Reports
        +10: Discount and Trade Credit Reports
        +11: Inventory Reports
        +12: Dashboards
        +Settings: Print Templates
        +Settings: Adding Users
        +Settings: Element Profiles
        +Settings: Company Groups
        +Settings: Element Categories
        +Settings: Proposal Statuses
        +Settings: User Defined Fields
        +Add-on: Outlook Plugin
        +Add-on: Email Campaign Setup
        +Advanced: Adding Elements to ScriptPRO
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